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about us

HPS drives people from the inside out!

I guess the first question is, what does that mean to you?  

Let us share our WHY!

Businesses are built by people, operated by people AND people do business with people!  When it comes to People, Processes, and Product, PEOPLE is FIRST ON THE LIST.   And we recognize this as the FIRST priority in every business and team. 

But, how do we build our people?  Do we "pour" into them to help them achieve and realize their dreams and goals in our business?  Knowing thyself is the first step to understanding your value,core competencies, and strengths.  The second step us understanding others.  How they think,communicate and feel.  Once we have these two strategies in place, we can move on to next level teamwork and development which brings additional value and profit bottom line!

Our customer is the professional, lead employee, entrepreneur, and executive that want to raise the bar and reach the next level with people, projects, and goals. Business teams also find our product useful in bringing the team together, identifying key strengths and using indicators to adjust relationship building and best practices. Individuals striving to enhance their interpersonal skill set and develop successful strategies to magnify their strengths find our training valuable.


about us

What unique experience is provided by HPS?

Our methodology of training begins with proven, research-based assessments, One to One recorded meetings to help you understand the results of the assessments and ongoing, critical work to develop this knowledge in your everyday life and work environment.  All of these services can be completed with remote technology in personal meetings.

Barn Boot Camp, another learning experience offered by HPS, is popular, two-day hands-on training that uses your personalized assessment results individually, or as a team, to solidify your learning in an experiential environment.  Our equine staff is trained to bring out your strengths and styles and give you opportunities to see how adapting those styles can bring better results into your professional career and personal lifestyle.  Live equine, provides an electric, living experience for leadership training, professional development, and personal growth. We are able to identify key factors of personalities and provide hands-on learning of practical techniques for workplace and life communication while using confidence to stir actions.


Speaker, Consultant, Mentor, Lead Mare

about us

Whether you are interested in business guidance, personal inspiration or change the world philosophies, Shari Pheasant has a great value for your company, team and personal career.

Shari has been a professional though leader since 1980 when, as a manager at a Godfathers Pizza in Pueblo Colorado she was a part of the team that initialized "delivery" for the entire company.  Through her life,she has managed hundreds of people, millions of dollars in revenue and initiated strategies and practices that have changed the world, in her own small way.

In 1996, Shari became the Founder of a nonprofit organization called Parent Patrol that became the driving force to change the way we approach bullying nationwide.  Inspiring the very first Bully-Free Task Force in the nation under the guide of Frankie Sue Del Pappa and Jack McGlaughlin, Shari stood up to the bullies for thousands of children and parents and created a movement that still continues to influence how we handle bullying.

She has been a public speaker, keynote guest, workshop facilitator, and classroom instructor for over 25 years. People take her message with them after listening to Shari speak as she has the innate ability to grab hearts and minds.  Her passion and drive to inspire others is genuine and her lifetime experiences have given her a vast toolbox of collective knowledge she has gleaned over the years.

"It has always been something that lives in my heart, helping people, inspiring change and initiating brave actions to spread good int he world.  I also always accepted that the road to success included failure, so failing never bothered me. It motivated me to keep going because I knew success was around the corner. Call it naivety, or bravery or just plain stupid. I never gave up and still don't." states Shari.

"I have been blessed over the last ten years working with others at levels that have inspired me in return. I believe in cross mentoring and young professional have taught me the most."

Shari is available to come to your event, meeting or company to inspire, train and guide individuals and teams to the next level of performance.

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