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End of the Year Has Come And Gone

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain

Ah, the end of the year has come and gone, now we begin 2017!

Typically, I begin my journey for change about mid October.  Every year I conduct a Review, Redo and Renew Process (like those capital letters?) in my life.  I have been ”officially” doing this for over 30 years so it is almost automatic now.  And it has become an important part of my process and progress.

But that being said, it wasn’t so easy 30 years ago.  Change has not always been a conscious piece of my life, as with most people.  It is something we do, as needed, but is not always something we focus on accomplishing.  But, 30 years ago I made a conscious effort to bring change in as a proactive piece of every year, because I know I am different.  I have always chosen to be different, so why not become a catalyst for change all year long too?  But perfecting how that brings goodness and accomplishment to my life has taken work and practice.

CHANGE: to make or become different

So, when I talk about change to others, what can be a typical attitude I encounter? “And why change it?”

Remember the phrase; “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” ?  Here are my thoughts on that well recognized statement: “If you don’t do something different, it will always be the same.”  It may not be broke but just because a car can drive at 55 MPH, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be cool to rebuild it so it can go 90mph.

So, for me, change is good, what a blessing!  I have become an agent of change for others now, because of my yearly ritual.  I help others CHANGE, I promote CHANGE and my visions for projects, goals and accomplishments are usually based in CHANGE.  I encourage you to embrace the unknown, look for the next step and be willing to step outside of your “box” to be different!

And to help you along, here is a link to many quotes on CHANGE!  Find one or five that resonate and post them in your life so you too can be an agent of CHANGE!


Aspire to greatness, I know you have it in you!


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