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Coaching/Consulting Services

Does your team suffer from inconsistent results? Is there unnecessary drama in the workplace that leads to low morale on the team? Our coaching and consulting services define roles, create a healthy culture and eliminate entitlement from your business.

The strength and confidence that comes with utilizing executive and/or business coaching and consulting offer you lifelong learning that applies long after our services have finished. Our coaching includes face to face contact, email support and specific Dig IN online training sessions designed for your needs.

Company Culture & Performance'

We begin with a complete Company Audit, we measure 15 Crucial Areas of the business and measure effectiveness of resources, human capital potential, and plan of action.  Exceed your vision Business Plans are created which outline a 2-3 year process to increase productivity, strengthen culture and ultimately bring greater profits into the business with ease.

We gather internal and external data to design, implement and measure business initiatives that strengthen employee performance, enhance the customer's experience and offer leadership a new way to achieve more with less stress.  We design informal and formal solutions that are executed during our services in a manner that allows sustainability when services end.

15 Crucial Areas of Business Measurement

  • Financial Performance
  • Facility
  • Location
  • Culture
  • Owner Involvement
  • Staff
  • Human Resources
  • Office Procedures
  • Business Performance
  • Systems & Processes
  • Sales Processes
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Brand/Company Image
  • Online Presence

Employee Engagement

Human capital potential is the level of potential that exists in your employees, co-workers, and leaders to get the job done and bring profit to the business.  Profit is not always money.  We see businesses profit from using time more efficiently, building morale at the workplace and inspiring greatness on the team. Our coaching clients have several choices on how to best address their needs and we plan a path of greatness together.

The team will experience:

  • Increase accountability and ownership
  • Improved participation and contribution

Their skillset will strengthen to include the ability to:

  • Work through sensitive or emotionally charged topics
  • Stimulate creatively and innovation
  • Remain focused and on task
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness

We build better team relations, stronger accountability and a path to success for your team.

Leadership Performance & Management

Design formal and informal learning and development solutions.

We help leaders identify and communicate performance expectations for employees, including:

  • Using position accountabilities for employees
  • Implementing behaviorally based interview questions
  • Identifying practices for measuring and evaluating performance
  • Goal setting, feedback and accountability conversations

The Results of our training include:

  • Ongoing learning.
  • Leadership development.
  • Superior Performance.
  • Collaboration Synergy, use to improve team communication, collaboration and impact.
  • Productive and inspiring staff and team meetings
  • Productive executive team and leadership meetings
  • Pre and post employee surveys
  • Purpose, vision and values discovery
  • Strategic thinking and execution planning
  • Processing employee survey feedback
  • Conflict resolution and interventions
  • Change in management and leadership
  • New ad-hoc projects and initiatives
  • Annual and quarterly planning sessions
  • Leadership and board retreat opportunities at Barn Boot Camp


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