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3 Tests that Determine if Your Company Culture Drives Employee Engagement (or stalls its engine)

Learn About "The Miss'd Effect"

  • 5 Results of a Weak Company Culture
  • 9 Top Complaints From Employees
  • 7 Statements That Build Connectiveness

First Things First! Congratulations on taking the first step to “Uncover Your Culture”.

This report is designed to begin uncovering the true work culture in your company.

These 3 Litmus Tests will help you gauge how your culture measures up in today’s business environment. 

A Warning! Be prepared to think differently than you do right now. And be willing to do something about it.

*** Do not underestimate the importance of these metrics ***

What is Company Culture and Why is it so important?

  • Communication, miscommunication or the lack of communication, has a significant impact on employee productivity and morale.
  • Strong work cultures are environments in which teams flourish and people work together in unity.
  • Great culture lends itself to innovation, and creates an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable offering bold ideas for consideration.
  • In a healthy company culture, your employees will feel like they have all the resources and support they need to thrive!
  • Healthy company culture creates an environment in which customer service is a priority.
  • If your culture is getting better, your customers will be getting happier! That will lead to more business, more profits and motivated employees.

You Can Measure Culture .  The real question is: Can you uncover your “true” unspoken culture?
And when you do . . . What will you do?

"Company Culture" is one of the hottest topics in business today. Followed by Emotional Intelligence. Both are connected and equally as important.

With all of this interest and emphasis on culture, employee engagement and the workplace environment you would think we would have a better handle on it. 

But we DO NOT.

Culture is being damaged daily by great people making not so great choices. Let’s face it, some great-minded people are shooting themselves and their teams in the foot because of MISUNDERSTANDINGS, MISCOMMUNICATIONS, AND MISDIRECTED TEAMS.

Worse than that, they don’t understand (or accept) that this is happening. I bet you know someone just like that!!!

When leadership is not fully engaged in Lead IN Leadership, the team suffers from all of the above misses.

*** This is called "The Miss'd Effect" ***

Let's really break this down together.

The "Miss'd Effect" happens when complete and clear communication paths are not present in a work related environment. 

  • MISUNDERSTANDINGS lead to spending time on the wrong things. 
  • MISCOMMUNICATIONS lead to frustrations, having to redo efforts and missing important items. 
  • MISDIRECTED TEAMS waste energy, money and time.

Any one of these misses makes the team less able to experience the success you all deserve. This has a negative impact on your Net Profits! Remember less net profits means you have less for yourself and the team.

Take time to be open to the MISSES present on your team.

Complete these Litmus Tests as the first step.

By taking just 10-15 minutes and completing these "tests," you may see your business in a different way and be ready to take the next step to build your team.

Where do you start?
Leaders that do not have a true understanding about the environment that exists on their team or in their business are killing productivity and ultimately profits. It is time to release yourself from the idea that you must be right, “on your game” and already know all the answers. It is time to look for the weaknesses and take a minute to see how you can guide your team to reach the next level.

But first, put away BLAME and FAULT. That will not SOLVE ANYTHING!!!

You and your team are not alone in needing to strengthen your workplace environment to serve today’s market. This is happening in monumental proportions across many business industries, and the automotive aftermarket is no different. 

In a recent survey of 3,300 executives from 106 countries, top managers said culture is the most important issue they face - more important than leadership, workforce capability, performance management, or anything else.

  • 81% of leaders believe that a high performing culture is necessary for success
  • 65% believe they need to change their culture
  • 76% believe it’s changeable, which is good news but...
  • Less than 10% succeed in building one.

That’s right! Less than 10% of leaders actually build a high performance culture.

Most companies know where they want their culture to be. Few have an objective understanding of the current state. But, culture is no longer an exception to the rule of measurement that defines our day. Culture is measureable.

-Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2015 Report


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