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Shari Pheasant brings
the board room to the barn

Some things can only be gained through experience. Shari Pheasant has been in the professional arena for over 30 years. She has been in management roles since 1981, supervising several retail store locations in the eighties and moving into the entrepreneurial scene by the early 90's.

Shari founded a nonprofit for bully awareness and prevention in Nevada in the 90's, when her children were in grade school, that was instrumental in influencing the bully prevention nationally. She became astutely aware of the school environment and stood strong for thousands of children and parents.  Influencing the first ever Bully-Free Task Force under the direction of then Nevada Attorney General, Frankie Sue Del Pappa and School Superintendent, Jack McLaughlin Shari made her first national mark as a transformational catalyst. All great things come with a price and not only did Shari develop diverticulitis from the stress, but suffered a burst and was diagnosed with peritonitis and given a  10% chance of living. At the same time, she was forced to take her children out of public school and home school them through very formative years of learning.

"Believe it or not, I am so thankful for those years.";  states Shari with a big smile on her face; "Our family's strength, resiliency, and determination were tested, and we passed with flying colors.  A day will never go by that I am not grateful.  Because where we have been has influenced where we are now, and that is an amazingly rewarding, loving place."

 After home schooling her children into college, Shari and Jeff, her husband, opened A Master Mechanic, a local automotive maintenance and repair shop in Sparks, Nevada.  In 2014 A Master Mechanic celebrated 10 years of business and Shari began her complete transition to working solely on a national level in the automotive industry that year. She had already been working with other small businesses to build brands, market and consider scalability in their business plans for four years prior. (And yes, she never stops, if you haven't figured that out yet.)  

Jeff runs the shop from the business side almost fully now and Shari practices "out of the tornado" ownership. "I would not be in the automotive industry, had it not been for my husband.  But, I know I wasn't made to be in a shop full time.  He is the master of that.  That's why we chose the company name.  It is named after him.  And now our son, Greg, is learning to take over the reins someday. I am grateful for these to guys in my life. My husband and son are amazing men."  

Shari Pheasant has been masterminding across the nation for six years and has worked with leading consultants and coaches the last three years. She has clocked over 300,000 miles traveling to work with hundreds of teams intimately to improve communication, engagement and achievement. 

Shari is currently a member of the Car Care Council Women in Auto Care and serves as a lead mentor to several ladies and female CEO’s.  She is a member of the International Women’s Leadership Association and the National Association of Professional Women.  Shari has been voted Woman of the Year twice, Female Shop Owner of the Year in the Industry and Small Business of the Year locally, in her home town.  She founded a non profit in the late 90’s for bully prevention that has resulted in a nationwide campaign an new efforts to address bullying in schools over the last ten years.

As a Certified Professional Behavioral (DISC) & Driving Forces Analyst, Shari is able to understand the behavior styles, driving forces and motivators of people through strong leadership based skills.  She is also able to work with Strength Finders to identify leadership talents in teams.

Graduating from the Disney Institute's Employee Engagement program has given Shari insight into inspiring action in your business. 

Horse Power Strategies has been a project for fifteen years, since becoming involved with horses through her mother-in-law, Roxanne. Shari always knew she wanted to be around horses forever, but did not realize the professional impact they would ultimately have in her life.

The past five years Shari has trained her horses to be valuable "staff" members and coaches to every Barn Boot Camp participant. Each horse has a personality that will connect, communicate and respond differently to different personalities. Prior to arriving all participants complete an assessment to identify their How & Why. This data is used to create a personalized program filled with specific activities. Classroom time, mastermind activities and fun are also integral pieces to this puzzle.

Shari invites you to schedule some time with us so we can show you how to change every day in your life by knowing more about yourself and how others think.

"Our horse power drives people from the inside out."

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