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Ever want to be a cowgirl for just a day?  Have you ever thought you could talk to a horse?  Or a horse could talk to you?  What would you think if we told you that when you come to Barn Boot Camp our horses will read your minds and hearts? 

Barn Boot Camp was developed by watching, learning and understanding the effects horses can have on people.  Horses can communicate with us on a very personal level, if we are listening.  Horses have been used for years in therapeutic situations for children with autism, people with relational communication breakdowns and to teach life skills through herd behavior exercises.  HPS (Horse Power Strategies) is taking our Horse Power to a whole new level.

Our programs are designed for professionals, career path individuals and executives.  The focus of our curriculum is leadership development, teamwork building skills and communication strategies.  We help individuals and teams raise their self and situational awareness through equine related activities.

You will be required to take assessments prior to attending Barn Boot Camp.  In fact, I order to participate in some of our multiple day workshops you must reach an identified level of personal understanding through our outlined programs and activities.  Corporate and small business teams are encouraged to book organized events with the entire team present. 

When purchasing our Assessment packages you will receive a gift certificate that can be used towards your Barn Boot Camp registration fees.  This is our gift that we hope inspires you to seek your DISCOVERY on a whole new level.

What can you expect when you arrive?

After an Introduction to the barn you will get to meet our experienced equine team.  Spend some time at the Round Pen observing each team member and learning how to identify their communications and understand their feelings (yes, feelings, as in no words).

Then we begin “the cowgirl experience”.  You will learn how to handle a horse from the ground up and begin to understand the sequence of events that builds trust and a relationship.  You will get a little dirty and a little tired.  But you will go to bed with a smile on your face.  At the end of day one your understanding of yourself is strengthened and you will feel inspired to continue your growth.

Day Two begins with a focus on leadership styles and communication for action.  See your communication style in action and pinpoint specific actions that will help you achieve more.  You will be given the opportunity to see how well you work under pressure and communicate with a team during the At Liberty Experience in the open arena.  Up to 8,000lbs of running horses will be depending on you to lead them safely until you can “round them up”.

Your program will focus on the effect your present and potential strengths has on your goals and career planning. By integrating experiential learning with horses an expedited self-awareness is experienced by all

Discipline, Consistency, Woo, Relator, Strategic, Adaptability and Futuristic are a few of the strengths applied in the barn through the foundations of our program. We teach people how to be engaged in their work and lives which leads to employees with better enthusiasm, inspiration, empowerment and confidence - which leads to up to 202% better performance.

If You Are Using A Screen Reader And Are Having Problems Using This Website, please call Horse Power Strategies (775) 461-1110 For Assistance.