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Guide to the Secrets of Connected Communication

Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who know themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.  These same people work to understand others and bridge the gap creating connected communication.

By understanding the four basic behavior styles in humans begins the conversation.  The charts on the following pages can help you understand people by describing four main, or primary, behavioral styles.

By connecting your communication you first accept who you are by identifying your basic style.  Next you observe and listen first with others and identify their style.  Next read and learn about how to connect with them. Is this scientifically based.   YES.  Is the method you are using all there is to it?  NO.  There are “surveys” and “assessments” that you can take and be provided with specific data about your style and much more.  This is meant to introduce the concept and allow you to begin to explore the information on a casual, non traditional approach.

Be careful with your observations.  Realize to really understand, explain and teach this concept and application ongoing studying, classes and certifications are required. This activity is shared to allow you to explore the benefits of connected communication in hopes you will continue your journey and learn more.

NOTE:  Each individual person can, and likely will, display some of all four behavioral styles depending on the situation. This blend of styles within each person is called a style blend. Each person’s style blend will have more of some traits and less of others.

Dr Marston

Can you identify which DISC Style is you?


Which style is your husband, co-worker, boss?


Begin with identifying Fast or Slow paced, people or task oriented.


Now, watch them. 

  • How do they stand?
  • Do they walk fast or slow?
  • Are they direct or indirect with their communication? 
  • Do they add fluff or get right to the point?
  • Do they provide/require  a lot of information or very little?
  • Are they sloppy or neat?
  • Disorganized or neat and tidy?

Once you decide which of the four behavior styles they most represent, move on to reading through their characteristics.  Do some or most of these fit the person as does their behavior identifiers?

You can lessen distracting drama on the team, increase your influence by identifying characteristics through quick observation.  These observations can lead you to stronger, quicker connections with people.  Building these quick deep connections leads to greater success for everyone!

You can watch more videos on our Youtube channel -Horse Power Strategies to learn about all of the scientific data that can help you define you.  And once you are clear about your value to the team, your time wasters and your super power - you can and will accomplish anything you set your mind on.



Get your FREE Guide
to the
Secrets of Connected Communication
Right Now!

  • Lessen Distracting Drama on the Team
  • Increase Your Influence
  • Identify Quick Observations to Connect
  • Build a Connection that leads to Success
If You Are Using A Screen Reader And Are Having Problems Using This Website, please call Horse Power Strategies (775) 461-1110 For Assistance.
If You Are Using A Screen Reader And Are Having Problems Using This Website, please call Horse Power Strategies (775) 461-1110 For Assistance.